Vincent de Groot: "Onze dienstverlening is volledig gericht op de internationale werknemer. Door de uitgebreide ervaring met en de specifieke kennis over onder meer de fiscale omstandigheden van zeevarenden, personen werkzaam in de offshore-industrie en bij baggerbedrijven, maar ook voor andere internationaal mobiele werknemers, weet u zeker dat uw fiscale zaken in vertrouwde en deskundige handen zijn.

Bent u buiten Nederland werkzaam? Zit u met vragen over belastingen en sociale premies? Niet alleen voor het verzorgen van uw Nederlandse aangifte inkomstenbelasting, maar ook bij advisering over werken buiten Nederland of voor een buitenlandse werkgever en wonen buiten Nederland bent u bij ons aan het juiste adres!"

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Twelve things everyone should know about the European Court of Justice

The European Court of Justice is poorly understood by outsiders, despite its many controversial rulings. Based on interviews with EU judges, European and national officials and respected Court-watchers, a new CER report looks beyond the jargon to examine what the ECJ does, how it works and what motivates its most prominent legal minds.

The report tackles the sensitive issue of whether the ECJ has imposed an undemocratic ‘government by judges’ on Europe, as well as its impact on immigration, foreign policy, criminal justice, social policy and human rights. The report finds that most of the time the Luxembourg-based Court is an enormous asset for national governments. The ECJ has helped to force open European markets, uphold the rule of law across borders and defend the rights of the individual on numerous occasions. Its judges have also proved a calming influence during the eurozone crisis.

But the ECJ also needs reform commensurate with its expanding powers and a rapidly-growing caseload. Minor changes would improve its connectedness to the outside world and the transparency of proceedings before EU judges. These should include the publication of the exact legal arguments at stake in each individual case and a visiting programme for national parliamentarians.

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